My Environmental Projects

Here are some pictures from my most recent environmental projects! Click on the buttons to read a blog post about the activity.

The Efficacy of Different Erosion Prevention Methods

Because of the harmful environmental impacts that erosion can have, including the destruction of natural habitats, the removal of vegetation, the transport of eroded soil into bodies of water, it is crucial to understand which erosion prevention method would work best in a certain location based on its geographical characteristics. Before deciding on which erosion prevention method would be best for a certain site, it is imperative to understand the qualities of the erosion site. These qualities include the environment of the surrounding area, soil type of the site, the climate of the site location, and the topography of the location.

Youth Climate Action Team Inc.

The Youth Climate Action Team Inc. is a youth-led grassroots movement organizing initiatives for intersectional climate justice. We recently set up a Powerhouse Event, where residents from the DMV area could call and email elected officials to take action on postal service protection, environmental racism, and racial justice. Previously, we also set up a successful National Townhall event, featuring speakers Inger Andersen, Sophia Kianni, Angel Nwadibia, Zamir Ticknor, and Tallulah Costa. Currently we are creating a Climate Extracurricular Education program where around 40 volunteers from all over the nation implement environmental education programs in middle schools, elementary schools, etc.

Articles featuring YCAT inc:

Boston Greenfest/Future Leaders Summit

As an intern for the annual Boston Greenfest event, hosted by Foundation for a Green Future, I was able to be part of the amazing two day long event, featuring sustainable companies, musicians, eco-fashion shows, and more. Check it out at! They also host a Future Leaders Summit a few days after the Boston Greenfest Event to showcase presentations on environmental issues and feature prominent environmentalists: