Soil Compaction Data Collection

An introduction to my most recent project: Dan Schwartz, the soil scientist in the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District, performed a study in the fall of 2020 to study the compaction of soils in lawns in Arlington County. Soil compaction is common in residential areas, and some consequences of soil compaction can be …

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Youth Environmental Education

Charles Sayan, the co-founder and executive director of the California-based Ocean Conservation Society, states that environmental education is just as important as understanding and following the law. It is a nonpartisan value that “deserves a central place in public education”. Public schools in the U.S. focus on academic related subjects, such as math, science, history, …

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The Importance of Stream Monitoring

Over the summer, I took part in a stream monitoring activity with the Northern Virginia Soil and Water Conservation District as an additional activity to my Independent Research Project. Specifically, I went to the Ellanor C. Lawrence Park in Fairfax, VA to monitor the Big Rocky Run stream. This park is located in the Chesapeake …

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The Efficacy of Different Erosion Prevention Methods

Erosion prevention methods are unique to each site based on the site’s topography, climate, vegetation, and soil type. Because of the harmful environmental impacts that erosion can have, including the destruction of natural habitats, the removal of vegetation, the transport of eroded soil into bodies of water, it is crucial to understand which erosion prevention method would work best in a certain location based on its geographical characteristics.

The Climate Crisis – National Town Hall Part 1

The Youth Climate Action Team nonprofit recently set up a National Town Hall for the newly created Youth Climate Action Team hub located in the DMV area. Given the current unprecedented situation, we hosted this event virtually via Zoom, which gave the team the opportunity to open the event worldwide. Our main speaker for this …

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